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Case Management

JASMYN understands and supports the unique needs, challenges and strengths of LGBTQ youth through our case management services.

Case Management services include crisis intervention / assessment and service planning to include: housing support, educational support, employment support, counseling, health education and support, advocacy, legal support and advocacy, community referral and resource navigation and coordination.

LGBTQ youth who may qualify for case management services:

  • Youth between the ages of 16 and 29.
  • Youth that are homeless, have been kicked out or have no permanent housing.
  • Youth that are HIV positive or at “high risk” of infection.
  • Youth concerned they are at risk for substance abuse
  • Youth that are suicidal or have had a suicide attempt in the past 6 months.
  • Youth that are experiencing family and/or community rejection and lack positive adult support.

Contact JASMYN’s Assistant Director of Clinical Services, Chanel Scott-Dixon at (904) 389-3857   for more information or questions about case management services. Youth that do not qualify will be offered support as appropriate and referral to other community agencies.