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Starting a Gay Straight Alliance or similar club in your school? JASMYN can help! Join the JASMYN GSA Network for access to GSA resource guides, LGBT Leadership retreats, Fun programs & events & more. JASMYN’s GSA Network is a part of JASMYN’s Student Support Program. To learn more about Student Support Program click here!

JASMYN is  a resource for ALL students thinking about or starting Gay Straight Alliances in their schools.  We have many resources available for you to help you make a difference in your school and to learn more about JASMYN. If you would like JASMYN to visit your school or attend a GSA meeting contact Ace Canessa, Student Support Coordinator at (904) 389-3857

JASMYN is also a resource for local educators working with LGBT students to create a safe and welcoming classroom. Click here for the Duval County Schools YRBS LGB Tip Towards Resiliency infographic on LGBT students in Jacksonville. If you would like to learn more about bringing JASMYN into your school or have questions about supporting your GSA email Ace Canessa at

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