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JASMYN Youth Council – JYC

The mission of the JASMYN Youth Council (JYC)is to change lives by being the voice of the JASMYN youth, while positively working together in a safe and diverse environment that promotes growth, youth empowerment and education.

The JASMYN Youth Council (JYC) serves to advise JASMYN’s programs, operations and services. JYC is open to all enrolled youth at JASMYN. JYC will take an active role in program planning and evaluation, event planning, service planning and community outreach.

JYC is a great opportunity to have your voice heard, build professional skills and make a difference in our community.

JYC meetings are held at the JASMYN house once a month. The agenda will change depending on who is in the room and what is happening. Every meeting will have an area of focus for youth input and feedback as well as discussion around upcoming events/programs. Additional JYC meetings can be held if youth leaders decide on a project or event sponsored by the youth council.