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General Information About HIV Testing

Knowing your HIV status is one of the most important things you can do to help keep yourself healthy and help stop the spread of HIV to our community.  The only way someone can know their HIV status is to get tested.

JASMYN offers free anonymous and confidential testing. We do this at BOTH our STD and HIV Health Clinic and at our JASMYN Friday night Drop-in Center.

If you test confidentially, you will be asked to provide some personal information that will be shared only with a limited number of persons.  These persons are not allowed to share your information beyond those who are authorized.  This authorized group may include other JASMYN staff, Florida State lab staff, and a limited number of Florida Department of Health staff.

Confidential tests may be conducted using OraQuick on Clinic nights. The OraQuick blood test used at JASMYN can be read in just over 20 minutes. Your test counselor will explain the limitations of your test result based on your risks. If your test is non-reactive, no further testing is needed that day, but he or she may recommend you come back to test again soon. If you have a reactive test, your test counselor will need to swab your mouth to collect a specimen for further testing that will determine if you are HIV positive.  You can also be referred to our in house linkage specialist immediately.  Our linkage specialist can work with you to set up appointments around HIV care and treatment, and related issues.

If you test on a non-clinic night, or if you have a fear of blood/needles, you will be offered an OraSure test.  OraSure tests are performed by swabbing your mouth to collect a sample. That sample is then sent off to a laboratory for additional testing.  OraSure tests take about two weeks to process, this means you will need to make a return visit to JASMYN to get your results.  All HIV test results can only be given face to face and in person.

If you test anonymously, we do not collect your name, address, or other information that would specifically identify you.  Anonymous testing can only be offered using OraSure.  There are two clear advantages related to getting a confidential test over an anonymous test. The first is that if you test positive for HIV, you will be given what is know as “proof of positivity”, which can be used to help you receive medical assistance.  The second advantage is that if you forget to return for your results, someone may be able to follow-up with you.