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Youth Membership

Want to be a part of our JASMYN family? Participate in FUN educational programs and activities? Attend fabulous events & meet new people? Hang at our Friday night Drop-In Center? Become a JASMYN youth member!

JASMYN Youth Membership is required of every new person that comes to the JASMYN house.

Youth Membership  is open during all programs and services.

You can also call ahead and schedule an appointment for a house tour and enrollment for membership during the week. If you are shy or nervous to come to JASMYN calling first for a house tour and enrollment for membership can feel much less overwhelming. Having a visual of the house, meeting staff and really understanding all that JASMYN has to offer first, can make coming to JASMYN much easier.

Everyone that comes to JASMYN must agree to and sign our JASMYN Community Agreement Your safety is our first priority.

All you need for a youth membership is yourself and a photo ID.

A JASMYN enrollment for membership takes approximately 15-20 minutes and is a time for you to ask any questions you may have but also for us to let you know what we have to offer. For some youth that may been in crisis or have stuff going on that could use adult support this is a time that we may be able to connect you to our programs and support services that could meet your unique needs. Or we may even be able to help you learn about other resources in the community.

*** JASMYN enrollment for youth membership is confidential; we cannot confirm or deny your attendance in JASMYN’s programs and/or support services without your prior written permission.

If you would like to take a tour of the JASMYN house and find out more about our programs and support services please contact us at (904) 389-3857.