Coming Out Monologues

We’re so glad to have been a part of the 8th Annual Coming Out Monologues, an annual production and fundraiser for JASMYN and PFLAG of Jacksonville!

It’s Social Change Through Storytelling – beCOMe the Movement! Coming Out Monologues (COM) is community inspired, community created and community led. This production is best described as ‘social activism through theater.’ Proceeds benefit JASMYN and PFLAG JAX. Stay up to date by visiting the official COM Facebook page.

COM is comprised of monologues created by actual community members telling their ‘coming out’ stories, but it does not stop there – these might be stories of falling in love, falling out of love, deciding to start a family…all told within the context of LGBT lives and experiences. Individuals writing monologues may wish to ‘perform’ their own piece during the production or turn it over for another community (amateur) actor – either way, the stories are told.

From the ultimate production of COM, the audience can expect spoken word, artistic and moving monologues, creative staging, musical performance and enlightening narration. Coming Out Monologues symbolizes transformation through storytelling for our community and creates points by which we can connect with each other. Be a part of this change you seek by becoming involved in this social change theater experience!

2012 Coming Out Monologues Cast and Crew