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Volunteer at JASMYN

JASMYN is always looking for energetic, compassionate and youth orientated adult (25 and older) volunteers that are committed to the mission and vision of our organization. If you have additional questions around how to become involved in JASMYN please contact us at (904) 389-3857.

If you are between the ages of 13-23 and are interested in helping JASMYN, the best way to help is to participate in our various youth led programs and activities.  Young adults play critical roles in our Youth Council, Street Smart & other Leadership Activities.  To learn more about these opportunities visit the JASMYN house on an evening when one of these activities are scheduled.  Please see the calendar of events for specific dates.

Contact Emily Rokosch at erokosch@jasmyn.org for more information

Volunteer Opportunities

Food Fest Volunteer

We are currently we are seeking volunteers to provide meals (Food Fest) for our Friday night Drop-in-Center and occasional special events throughout the year (holidays, peer educators reunions and graduations, themed parties etc). We aim to always provide meals on our large programming nights; for many of our youth this will be the only hot meal of the day.

Groups or individuals can support a Food Fest. Groups/individuals purchase or prepare a meal to accommodate around 45 youth on a designated Friday night and as needed for special events.

Food Fest is our way of letting JASMYN youth know their local community supports, celebrates and believes in them. It is important to provide meals but it sends a powerful message to our youth that they are not alone and adults care.  Food fest volunteers not only help feed Jacksonville’s LGBTQ youth in need but also send a strong, and vital message that adults in the community care and support them. So thank you for making a difference in the lives of our young people!

We are open to ideas and creativity. If you are interested in being a Food Fest volunteer please contact James Flowers at JASMYN (904.389.3857) to discuss details and secure your Food Fest date or download our Food Fest Fact Sheet

Food & Hygeine Pantry Support

Our Food Pantry is available for all enrolled youth to access during our drop in center. For many of our youth this is the only place where they have access to free food, condiments and personal hygiene products.  Bringing together your friends and colleagues to hold a food drive is always helpful and appreciated. We accept individual and group donations for the Food Pantry at anytime.

Contact Emily Rokosch at JASMYN  (904) 389-3857 ext 212 for information on how to drop of your items or fore more information in organizing a successful food drive or Download JASMYN’s Food & Hygiene Drive Fact Sheet

Helpful pantry items include: canned or boxed meals ready to eat, noodles in a cup, pasta and sauce, canned meat, shampoo, conditioner, ethnic hair care products, anything for hair (weave, flat irons, comps, curling irons), lotions, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, razors, body wash, body spray, face soap/scrub, personal wipes, tampons and pads, , laundry soap, socks and underwear of all sizes (girls and boys), make-up, eye makeup remover.

Certified HIV Counselor and Tester

JASMYN is looking for experienced and certified HIV Counselor/Testers volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering as an HIV tester at the JASMYN house, please send a resume and cover letter detailing why you want to be a HIV tester at JASMYN. Include previous experience working with youth, knowledge of LGBT youth populations and other experience with prevention education and harm reduction. Applications are taken at anytime, but opportunities are limited and competitive.

HIV Counselors and Testers are required to make a 6 month commitment to serve as a volunteer for JASMYN.   All HIV testing volunteers must already be certified through the Duval County Health Department’s 500/501 HIV tester training. Unfortunately, JASMYN cannot pay for or assist in you in getting your certification, but we can help point you in the right direction. Click Here for detailed information on the Duval County Health Department HIV training opportunities.

JASMYN will interview selected applicants. Interviews do not guarantee position. All applications can be sent to Sabrina Cluesman at scluesman@jasmyn.org with the Subject line: Volunteer HIV tester application

The LGBTQ youth at JASMYN are an inspiration as they navigate a world that is not always open or receptive to them and they do so with fierce courage, backed by a committed group of JASMYN staff and volunteers. Through JASMYN, I have witnessed the youth create community, cultivate strength and ownership of their identity, be connected with resources in their community to foster their continued growth and develop awareness of healthy behaviors and relationships. JASMYN youth, staff and volunteers are agents and creators of the change they seek and I am honored to be a part of the momentum.

- Tina Vaughn, JASMYN Volunteer